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Specializing in handcrafted custom cremation glass art

About LoveLightGlass a.k.a lani

Hello! My name is Lani, I live in southern Oregon and I’m a glass artist with a vision of promoting healing from grief and loss through my work.

I first became involved with glass blowing in the late 90’s and had a lot of time to watch some of our modern masters hone their craft. I was blessed to get the opportunity to work alongside some of these beautiful people and I soaked up as much knowledge as I could.

In 2009, I purchased my first torch and set up shop, practicing the techniques I had learned. On Mother's day of 2010, I decided to try encasing some of my father's cremated remains in glass and ended up with an amazingly beautiful pendant for my mom. That one moment of clarity inspired me to continue to create these types of memorial pieces, because when I wear my pendant with my father's ashes, I feel like he's right there and has never left my side.

I think everyone that has lost a loved one, be it a pet, friend, or family member, can benefit and move towards healing from owning one of their own custom created memorial pieces. I have helped numerous friends and families move through their grief with jewelry and art objects made with ashes from their loved one and my main goal is to continue on this path. Please contact me if you would like to learn about the process, or if you just see something you like. Thanks for looking!